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User feedback from 3 months of beta testing

The Odysci site has been up for just over 3 months and in this period we’ve collected many suggestions (and some criticisms) from our early users. Thanks to all of you for your comments.

Here are some of the comments posted on the “Odysci Survey” box on the site pages. We’ve grouped  similar comments, edited and summarized them for clarity.

“Nice to have the paper details (references and cited-by), but how can I get the actual pdf of the paper?”

For copyright reasons we cannot serve the actual pdf files (unless they are OpenAccess). However, we do provide a link to the publisher, or a link to a page on the Internet where the pdf can be downloaded from (if not copyrighted by the publisher). See  How do you access the PDF of an article? for users’ views about the accessability of pdfs.

“I did a search on specific keywords and got several papers that matched the keywords but were  not in the area I was looking for.  What areas and publishers do you cover?”

We update our databases on a weekly basis with new journal and conference articles from the main CS and EE publishers. Having said that, there are a few remaining “holes” in our coverage and we are working to close them. If your particular area is not well covered, please let us know!

“It would be great to get BibTex data for an article or a list of articles, so I could easily include it in the papers I write.”

That’s high in our list of new features. We will be making Bibtex generation available soon.

“Can I log in with my email or directly with my Facebook account?”

Yes, we added that recently. Now you can log in using your Facebook account. If you already have an Odysci account, you can link it to your Facebook account, and use you Facebook login from then on.

If you use other social media (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter) and would like us to implement Odysci Login using those account, let us know!

“Many sites allow me to share the content through Like or Recommend buttons on Facebook and LinkedIn. Do you plan to implement these kinds of things?”

Content sharing through other sites can be very handy and many users expressed interest in this. We are looking at where to make this available. For example, you could “like” the results of a search and share it with your colleagues using Facebook; or find a really good paper and “recommend” the page to someone else using LinkedIn.
Can you think of other sharing/liking possibilities? Let us know.

“What is the use of following a paper? And why can’t I see who else is following a paper or at least see how many followers a paper has?”

There are two main purposes in following a paper, first is to help you organize your favorite papers and second, is to get alerts about the paper. Alerts are not yet implemented but they will soon. For example, if a paper you follow (e.g., one of your papers) is cited by a newly published paper, you will get an alert about it. You can already see how many followers a paper has. Be able to see who is following a paper is an interesting capability that can help you gauge the importance of a paper to the community as a whole. We are implementing similar capabilities using tags – see comments below about it.

“It would be nice to be able to tag the papers I follow (with my own tags) and list them by tags later. This way I could classify my favorite papers by topics (e.g., my tags) and find them later.”

Indeed tags can be very useful. Using tags you will be able to classify the papers you follow and create you own lists and categories. You could also see the tags that other users created and associated with other papers. This could help you find a different paper that another user classified using similar tags as yours.  We are currently implementing support for tags and will be releasing it soon. Stay tuned.

“I access the site from home, but I can only download the pdfs (from the publishers) when I access the Internet from my employer (who has access to the digital libraries). It would help a lot if I could create temporary lists of papers that I select at home, and be able to access this list later to download the pdfs.”

That’s an excellent idea. Using tags you will be able to create a list and add papers to this list (by tagging them), and access them any time you like.

Thanks all for the very interesting ideas, and please keep sending more. Just post them as comments below.

The Odysci Team

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  1. It would be interesting to see cross references with patents. Unfortunately, the US Patent Office does not seem to look at academic publications. I would be nice to seem more patents rejected based on prior art.

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