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What do researchers search for?

During the early Beta Testing period we asked our users what they were searching for on the site. The possible choices were:

  • I knew the article and/or authors I wanted, and I searched to find the PDF
  • I searched for articles by a specific author
  • I searched on topic keywords to find the best articles with them

The chart below shows the responses:

Since these users were the first users of the site, it is not surprising that the biggest share of searches were for articles by an author (naturally most people wanted to check that Odysci carried their own papers…). In second place were searches looking for pdf files, and in third place were open searches on specific topics.

See how these answers compare with those of Question 1 in the survey Search Habits of Researchers (Question 1).

What do you search for at an Academic Search site? Let us know by adding comments to this post.

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