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New Search Feature ‘author@’ = Search on Author Affiliation

We have just launched an exciting new search feature: the ability to find papers based on the authors’ affiliations when they published the paper.

Suppose, for example, that you want to find papers authored by Leslie Lamport while he was at SRI International. You would use the following search string:

author:Lamport author@SRI


author:Lamport author@”Microsoft Research”

for papers authored by Lamport while at Microsoft Research.

Alternatively, suppose you want to find papers about “ranking algorithms” by Google authors. You would simply type in the search box:

author@Google  ”ranking algorithms”

You can combine this feature with any other. For example, if you want to find papers by at least one author from Google and one author from Stanford, you would use the following search string:

author@Google author@Stanford

Please note that this feature is experimental. The affiliations of authors in many papers are not yet available, thus the results may be incomplete. We are working on improving it. But we think it is a useful feature as is and we wanted to make it available immediately. We hope you can find it useful too.

If you have any suggestions, just shoot us a comment.

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