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New Search Features: “venue@” and “@{affiliation or place}”

We have expanded our advanced search features to include two more ways of refining your search.

The first is the “venue@” search tag. Using this tag you can specify the location of a conference that you want to search for. For example, suppose you want to find papers on conferences that were held in Seattle. You would use the following search string:


Refining further, suppose you want to find papers published in the KDD Conference when it took place in Seattle. You would use the following search string:

venue:KDD  venue@Seattle

This may come handy when you know you saw a good presentation at a conference you attended some time ago, but cannot remember the author or title. You can augment this search with topic keywords or author names.

The second feature is the @{affiliation or location} search tag. This is an experimental shorthand notation for searching for a paper that matches the affiliation of its authors, or the location of the conference. For example, the search string:

author:”Sangiovanni-Vincentelli”  @”New Orleans”

finds articles published by Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli in conferences that took place in New Orleans. This is handy when you remember the speaker and the place, but cannot quite remember the article. This search will help you find that paper.

Please note that these features are experimental. The affiliations of authors and the locations of conferences are not yet available in all cases, thus the results may be incomplete. We are working on improving it. But we think it is a useful feature as is and we wanted to make it available immediately. We hope you can find it useful too.

If you have any suggestions, just shoot us a comment.

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