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Add the Odysci Search Box to Your Site

Now you can easily add the Odysci Search Box to your site and display the results directly under your web pages.
Whether your site is a:

  • personal page
  • conference page
  • journal page
  • library page
  • technical blog page
  • and anything else really

If your visitors are technical folks, they may enjoy having an easy way to search for technical papers right while visiting your site. Please see the code below.

Dedicated Search Box

If you are a conference or journal, we can generate a dedicated search box for your site which can search only through your conference or journal papers from previous years, issues, etc. What better way to offer your conference/journal papers to your audience without any extra work?

If you are a Conference organizer or Journal Editor and would like to add a dedicated search box to your site, please send an email to
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New “Alerts” Feature for Odysci Users

We have just launched the “Alerts” service for Odysci users and we hope you like it.

How does it work?
Whenever there is new information about you or about an article you wrote or follow you will get an email from us notifying you about it (Don’t worry, you can easily configure the types of alerts you get, or none if you prefer).

This new information that can trigger alerts are:

  1. A new article you recently wrote/co-wrote is added to our database
  2. An article you wrote/co-wrote is cited by another paper (which was recently added to our database)
  3. An article you follow is cited by another paper (which was recently added to our database)
  4. A new comment was posted by another user about an article you wrote/co-wrote or follow
  5. An article you wrote/co-wrote or follow was recently followed by other users

In your profile page you can configure the types of Alerts you want to receive (or none if you prefer). Alerts are configured to be sent by default to be on a weekly basis.

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