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User feedback from 3 months of beta testing

The Odysci site has been up for just over 3 months and in this period we’ve collected many suggestions (and some criticisms) from our early users. Thanks to all of you for your comments.

Here are some of the comments posted on the “Odysci Survey” box on the site pages. We’ve grouped  similar comments, edited and summarized them for clarity.

“Nice to have the paper details (references and cited-by), but how can I get the actual pdf of the paper?”

For copyright reasons we cannot serve the actual pdf files (unless they are OpenAccess). However, we do provide a link to the publisher, or a link to a page on the Internet where the pdf can be downloaded from (if not copyrighted by the publisher). See  How do you access the PDF of an article? for users’ views about the accessability of pdfs.

“I did a search on specific keywords and got several papers that matched the keywords but were  not in the area I was looking for.  What areas and publishers do you cover?”

We update our databases on a weekly basis with new journal and conference articles from the main CS and EE publishers. Having said that, there are a few remaining “holes” in our coverage and we are working to close them. If your particular area is not well covered, please let us know!

“It would be great to get BibTex data for an article or a list of articles, so I could easily include it in the papers I write.”

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